A lot is happening at Chandler RTO and a shiny new website is certainly one of them.

It's our newest addition to our growing online presence and we simply can't wait to show them off. Unfortunately, it won't be today. So please stop by the next time you visit our site and experience RTO - differently.

Stay Tuned
Chandler RTO is a training-centered Registered Training Organisation that’s committed in providing quality, innovative training that offers students with the knowledge and skills to be able to access employment and improve their opportunities for advancement.
Our focus is to support our industry partners with their training needs across each of the sectors in which we work and create opportunities for people to work within their communities in a range of roles.

We also provide First Aid and CPR training to our members and this year we have added a new qualification to our scope which will enable us to train PCAs and further support our clients in the health services sector.

Additionally, we deliver First Aid to people outside of our membership ranks and starting from November 2017 we will be running our first Cert III course which will see us delivering to the wider community.
Level 5, 22 William Street, MELBOURNE VIC  3000
TOID: 52733
In the meantime...
if you are a Student Nurse and looking for ways to study and work at the same time, here’s an opportunity you can’t miss.