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Chandler RTO is a Registered Training Organisation that’s committed to providing quality, innovative training that offers students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need to access employment and improve their opportunities for advancement. 

Equally, our focus is to support our industry partners with their training needs across each of the sectors in which we deliver and create opportunities for people to work within their communities in a range of roles.
Chandler RTO has a set Fee for Service tuition cost of $12.50 per student contact hour which can mean that students may pay up to $8,937.50 for this course.  On top of this fee students are required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of $250.00 and purchase a text book available as an eBook for $49.95 or in paperback form for $99.00. 

However, with the support of an Aktrapid bursary* we have heavily discounted that fee and eligible Nursing Students will now pay only $1.90 per student contact hour.  This reduces the tuition fee to as low as $1358.50. (Admin fees and text book additional)
*NB: Bursaries vary in amounts and professions and are given to students in order to further their studies. In return for funding your studies, the company may require you to repay them by signing a work contract with them.

To qualify for this sponsorship, prospective students must meet all the selection criteria and be prepared to accept a minimum of 2 shifts per week for 6 months after qualifying.  These shifts are paid at the usual commercial rate.
To support you further we have introduced a payment plan that enables you to pay off your course while you are studying:
On Enrolment, $250 Admin Fee and $458.50 deposit: $708.50
  First Monthly Payment:   $300.00
  Second Monthly Payment: $300.00
  Third Monthly Payment:   $300.00
Total: $1,608.50 (Text Book additional)
Here's how
With the support of Aktrapid and Chandler Health, Chandler RTO is offering Nursing Students the opportunity to gain a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) using a mix of On-Line and face to face study with 120 hours of practical placement in an Aged Care facility to ensure that you are ready to work on the floor as soon as you qualify.

Using our unique RPL tool, Chandler RTO will assess how far your Nursing studies have taken you and determine which units you will need to complete to gain your qualification.  You must complete the full 120 hours of practical placement even if you have done a Nursing placement as part of your current course.

Study CHC33015 Certificate III
Individual Support (Ageing)

and work as a PCA while you study to be a nurse.

And yet, we all have to make a living while we study, right? And when we’re studying, more often than not that living is made behind a retail counter or a coffee machine.

What if you could make a living working in a field that is a stepping stone to your dream career?

What if while you were studying to be a Nurse, you could work as a PCA, caring for people just as you intend to do when you’re qualified?
you’re studying to be a nurse.
Let's set the scene:
you could be sponsored to get the qualification you need to work as a PCA and be guaranteed up to 20 hours per week employment once you finish your course with those hours worked around your final years of study.

The question is; 
What if...
This qualification is targeted at domestic students currently enrolled in A Bachelor of Nursing with an Australian University. 
Course Description
A combination of online self-study and direct contact between student and trainer is used to deliver and assess the requirements of the course. 

An individualised training plan will outline the units of study to be completed either in part or in full and the assessments required to be completed in each unit:
Applicants must provide a written transcript of their results as part of the RPL process.
This course has been designed to account for the skills and knowledge acquired by participants as part of their Degree course.  A sample of degree courses have been mapped against the requirements of the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support unit criteria, and training developed to address any gaps in knowledge or skill.
The target Student for CHC33015 Certificate III Individual Support (Ageing) has the following characteristics:
At least 18 years of age
Has an interest in providing support and care for residents within Aged Care facilities.
Is currently enrolled or was enrolled within the last 12 months in a Bachelor of Nursing degree at an Australian university and has completed their first year of study.
Proposed Timetable
The days attended and amount of online work required will depend on the results of the RPL assessment.